April at Zen - Spring Cleaning... Inner and Outer.

Breathe in! That's it, take it all in...

You can smell it in the air, you can feel it in your hair, Spring has come and finally we can begin to stretch out and embrace the great outdoors.

Gleefully we are freed of our thick fleeces and 'chilled to the bone' breezes. The cherry blossoms are out in force, the daffodils and crocus bless the grass with colour and the atmosphere begins to lighten right up!

Granted, living in the U.K, most of us haven't starting wearing flip-flops and vests just yet but there are certainly Summer 'front-liners' taking on that ever so mild sunshine, which has yet to truly shed it's full potential (most likely a modest 23ÂșC to be fair).

Yes, indeed it's true, it's no Sahara but, here in the U.K we strive to make the most of what warmth we get. Beer gardens, BBQ's, fires, outdoor activities, beautiful summer food, festivals, bikinis and tank tops, it's all coming out this Spring and we can't wait!

Whilst all of these great things will soon be happening, nothing says 'Get up and Go' like a hearty Spring clean! In this beautiful and blossoming months article, we're going to look at Spring cleaning for the mind, body & soul and naturally showcase our new and exciting classes and workshops!


Cherry Blossom by Apopka Voice 

Sweet Spring Has Sprung....

Like all seasons, Spring has two different start dates, a Meteorological date (March 1st) and an Astrological date (March 20th/21st) this date is known as the Equinox. 

The difference is simple, Meteorologically speaking Spring is measured by temperature changes and so positioned to coincide with our current Christian calendar, which derived from the Roman calendar (which started on March the 1st, not the 1st of January). 

Astrologically, Spring is defined by relating to the position of the Earth and it's orbit of the Sun, taking into account the Equinoxes and Solstices. Make sense? 

Widely celebrated through pagan and druid cultures, March the 20th/21st is considered the rebirth and rejuvenation of the Earth, after those dark and cold days of each Winter. The Green Man and Mother Earth are praised and the planting of seeds, the celebrations of Easter or Eostre commences. 

You might remember this fascinating little article about Easter here, it's a must read! 

Whether your stuffing your hungry faces with chocolate, rejoicing at your local place of worship or getting involved by way of ritual, drop into one of our shops and share with us your Easter ways. 

Lots to do at Zen...

We love ALL seasons at Zen, every month there's always something new to discover but, there is something about Spring that makes us really excited! This April is no exception and we have heaps in store. 

Home should be a place of comfort and relaxation and a place to wash away the volatile energy of the outside world. From time to time we can feel discomfort or uneasy when trying to relax in our homes and this can be due to bringing in the negative energy picked up along our journey. Or even collected within home. 

There are a few ways to rid your place of rest from disharmony and on April 6th at Zen, Digbeth Zen will give a FREE talk to those who come along. 

This talk has limited spaces so please book now to avoid missing out. 

Call our Digbeth shop on 0121 773 4947 to book your spot. 

We're always cleansing our homes here at Zen and we get through Sage Smudge Sticks like taps get through water. That's why during this cleaning month of April, we're burning 10% OFF all Desert Sage!

If you're new to 'smudging' or house blessings, you can try one of Zen's own 'How To' kits specifically made by us to help guide you along your spiritual path with step by step instructions too. 

Also, have a read of our article on  the beautiful 'How To Zen' range. It gives all the intel and background on these wonderful little boxes. 

When we think about Spring Cleaning we often over-look the cleansing of ones self. It is fair to say that it's our duty to take care of ourselves in mind, body and in soul. Meditation is one of the best ways to accomplish all three of these essential parts of our existence. 

During meditation, we enhance our breath ensuring longevity, help improve our circulation and best of all reduce stress. Our minds get so clogged up with thoughts and emotions we forget to clear it out. When entering a state of meditation we clear our minds and enter a state of awareness like no other, it's truly elating. With experience, we can enter states of lucidity and even astro travel or astral project into different places. Engaging in this practice can do wonders for the soul and whilst reaching this point may take some time, it is simply ethereal. 

In this Sunday Session, Manie will help 'spring' you back into life feeling rebalanced, recharged and reeeeeevitalised. Ahhhhh wonderful....

Book your space in at our Moseley shop by calling  0121 449 4995 limited spaces available.  

Meditate at home??? 

In store we have a gorgeous range of meditation cushions from small to large and they are beautiful. 

Each one is unique, hand stitched and upcycled in Rajistan in small local villages, so you know they were made with heart.

To assist you with your meditation, we have one of the greatest incense and own made essential oil ranges in the Midlands so you're spoilt for choice with aromas to heighten your senses. And when you buy two of these beautiful oils, you'll get to chose any burner that is included in the offer! Wonderful! 

We are super super super excited to be bring Damon and his drumming circle to Zen, Moseley. 

On Wednesday 19th April between 7pm - 8.30pm, Drum Together Drum presents Meditation & Inspiration. With warmth, we invite you to come and join in to experience the true healing power of group drumming. 

In our newly decorated and intimate space downstairs, you'll immerse yourself in a state of rhythm, ancestral heart-beat and tribal energies. 

This session is only £6 pp but has limited spaces. First come, first serve guys. All instruments are provided. 

You won't want to miss this! 

Book by calling our Moseley Shop on 0121 449 4995

Happy Spring Cleaning! 

Peace, Love & Light 

x Zen x 

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