Take a Deep Breath! 10% Off ALL Incense and Oils this July!

The flowers are in full blossom and the birds and bees are making the most of this absolutely beautiful season. This Summer's Solstice welcomed many kindred spirits into it's warm embrace, which has left people feeling rather elated and at times unbearably warm between the sheets at night!

It's not often the U.K get the opportunity to dance free from chill in the Summer nights and even the festival goers at Glastonbury finally got the dry weather and twinkly night skies the Glasto-veterans deserve! We are super pumped for more festival life, Sun-shining shenanigans and astronomical awesomeness as we enter the Summer months!

Oh... read below to see our most EXCLUSIVE incense range to date! They are ridiculously dreamy...

This Summer, Zen are celebrating life as always, taking deep breathes in, holding close the precious ultra-violet light and making the most of what nature provides. When it comes to the Sun, it has a tendency to bring out the greatest in all life. The flowers especially..

Lavender fields are all around us and we simply LOVE lavender. That's why we here at Zen love bottle up it's goodness, to use it all year round. If you've read our wonderful article 'Oils You Need' on The Zen Shop's website, you'll see just how much love and focus goes in to making sure our oils are pure and essentially, essential.

Samantha Wykes, our Essential Oils maker, blender and multi-skilled therapist had this to say when we asked "What makes them so essential?"

"They are sooooo sooooo good for our health and well-being but, according to the Encyclopaedia Britannia it’s because the oil extracted from each individual plant is thought to represent the very essence of odour and flavour."

They say talk is cheap but they never said it was FREE! Until now.. 

Sam is doing a free talk at Zen on July 6th so call either shop on the following numbers to book your seat. 

Digbeth 0121 643 3933 or Moseley 0121 449 4995 

We have a wide range of Essential Oils to choose from and each are created and brought to us for a variety of purposes. So, please feel free to come and show some love at either (or both) of our lovely shops in Moseley and Digbeth and speak with a member of our awesome staff for any assistance you might need. 

Wether you're a seasoned oils and incense user or just starting out, there's something for everyone and The Zen Shop are massively excited to offer 10% off ALL Oils and Incense! Yes! 

Remember, with Oils you don't need to burn them, you can rub some into your skin, you can place droplets of them in baths or in carrier oils for the ultimate aromatherapy sensation and more people use beautiful 'diffusers' for a continual light and healthy fragrant mist. 

For some, burning is preferred and here are a few places you can do it!

Where to burn? It's time to learn! 

Oils and incense have played a huge role around our glorious planet and throughout human existence wether we knew it then or not. From the days of when before history was written into the very blog that you're now so conveniently reading this from, we've been burning wood and/or burning leaves or moss to create heat and smoke to cook, deter bugs and animals or even to set the mood inside church halls and chambers during rituals and ceremonies. Point being, we all love a good smell. 

But, let's face it, in todays world we can be restricted as to when and where we can smoke and set things alight.. Without wanting to encourage arsonists, we encourage everyone to spread unique smells wherever they go, heightening the senses is nothing short of a welcomed break to our day to day lives and routines. Think about it.. Walking down the road, you suddenly smell the scent of wild flowers or a fire burning... it changes our entire perception of things and it can be an ultimate thrill. 

In the park, woods, (field of wheat Teresa?)...

Safely away from dogs and clumsy people, there is nothing more wonderful than laying on the grass, reading your favourite book and watching the clouds float along the still blue sky than lighting your favourite incense and letting it take you away to your 'wherever' place. It's a whiff that gives you a lift and there aren't many people that would stick there nose up at it either (so to speak), Most people will embrace it and if not, simply put it out and when they leave, light it back up after keeping the peace. Just like that 'roll up' you saved for later... Moving along... 

In the bathroom...  

Nothing says relax like a hot bath, or a freshen up like a cool shower but, combine this with lighting up an incenses during the day, you'll reach your maximum-relaximum in a matter of minutes. And any unwanted smells will be combatted by fine aromas of 100% natural incense handmade in India. 

During Meditation and Around the House... 

Using Frankincense, Myrrh and Sage is something most spiritual practitioners consider a day to day routine but, if you're new to meditation or something of the sort, you'll be simply blown away by the mind, body and soul boosting properties these incenses provides. Our 'How to' kits on House Blessings give you an introduction into these three biblical incense. But you can use any and ALL incense to bring a refreshing sense to your home and anyone who drops by for a cuppa, will feel immediately warmed by their presence. 

And we've got just the ones for you....


A BRAND NEW range of absolutely beautiful incense has just hit the shop floor and they a 100% natural, hand-rolled in India and want to know the best part? We're the only place that currently stocks them! Make sure you get down to be amongst the first people to experience these aromas.
Amber, Rose, Musk, Jasmine, Lotus, Afhrosdesia & Sandalwood are just a few of the twelve divine fragrances making nostrils flare and inhale at The Zen Shop! 

Whatever your flavour, we have something for you and we're making sure you get the most out of Summer this year, embrace the outdoors, get the sunshine and bring that natural feel into your spaces whenever you can. 

Don't forget it's 10% OFF ALL incense and Oils this month!!! 

Happy burning! 

Peace, Love & Light

x Zen x

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