Indigo - Not Just A Colour... Are you an Indigo Child?

Ever get the impression you don't belong? That's usually not the impression of an Indigo child. An Indigo child may not belong there at all but they are usually the first to know they don't. They are in tune, in fact, they KNOW exactly where they belong. They have a sense of purpose, a sense of understanding an arrogant yet elegant way of floating through life as if it were being made for them or by them.. Sound familiar?

Sometimes there is no true way of knowing if you're an Indigo child or not, it's a new term used to describe a very new generation as early as the 70's. Perhaps we are evolving into a species that harnesses more of our brain power, perhaps we are becoming increasingly connect and perhaps it's true to say, we are seeing a worldwide awakening..

Either way, it's fair to suggest that there are children (both young and old) that have an exceptional ability to engage their exceptional abilities. These are the Indigo children.

In times of rebellion, in times of chaos, in times of pure pandemonium, these gifted entities will see clearly, guide those to the sanctuary and support those who fall behind (physically, mentally and spiritually).

It's suggested that there are many ways to know if one is that of the Indigo, here's a few...

Youthful Wisdom - 

We've all met that individual that tapped into a part of us that made us tingle, that made our minds sharper and our eyes wider. Each word spoken as if they were reminding you of everything you once knew and now know, true chills... The one's that shake the inner activist and perhaps give you courage when you need it most. They're the one we'd call, an Indigo Child.

Change is More than a Word - 

Change is the very essence of existence. They believe change is essential and actively they make changes happen. Change in power, change in mind, change in thought, change in movement, change in emotion. An eternal change is what makes us grow. Without change, there is nothing. The Indigo Children, change the world.

 They Know - 

No question, no answers, no persuading. As frustrating as it may be for those in the path of this powerful Psychic anomaly, it's absolutely pointless trying to trick, manipulate or convince someone that suffers no fool. Ready to topple the powers that be and just knows who truly understands them. They are an incredible judge of character and have an even better gauge of psychological warfare than any war tactician could comprehend.


We have a lot to learn from Indigo children and tit's quite possible that we all have the abilities within us to catch a glimpse of what some of these uniquely gifted individuals see, hear and feel around the clock.

Activate your inner Indigo!

Location: Zen Digbeth 

Date: Thursday 3rd AugustTime: 13:00 - 14:00Price: FREE!! 

Our free Indigo Children event has been created to celebrate and develop children's natural spiritual abilities.

Our popular resident Hypnotherapist and CBT specialist will be sharing lots of useful methods to help children harness their creative energy and visualization power. The interactive 1 hour workshop will include a guided mediation designed especially for children. A fun introduction to crystals and much more!


Please call us on 0121 643 3933

💗August Offers & Summer Psychic Fair 👀

The Summer months are perfect for Sun salutations and charging up your crystal energies and enhancing your inner abilities! We'll help by giving you a handy 10% off your purchases! 

The Zen Shops are both offering a beautiful 10% OFF all Crystals and Salt Lamps this month! Woop woop! 

This is all good and well but, when you tie this is in with Zen's Psychic Fair, you're winning! 

Location: Zen Digbeth 
Date: Saturday 19th August 
Time: 11:00 - 17:00 

Our Summer Psychic Fair will host our very best readers & therapists! £10 Crystal Healing, Tarot, Oracle, Crystal Ball, Rune and Aura Readings! Our award winning Clairvoyant will also be joining us costing only £15! 

All readings (excluding Debs) & treatments are £10 for 20 minutes!

Deb's costs £15 for 15 minutes.

Readers & Therapists confirmed:

Debs - Psychic Reader (£15 for 15 minutes)
Anna - Aura Photography
Mike - Medium Tarot Reader
Reene - Tarot Reader
Patrice - Tarot Reader
James - Tarot Reader
Manie - Tarot Reader
Dave - Crystal/Rune Reader
Vicky - Tarot/Rune/Crystal Ball Reader
Mystic G - Palm/Oracle Card Reader
Karen - Tarot Reader
Melissa - Tarot Reader
Jacqui - Crystal Healing

We've tonnes going on this Summer, so come down and get involved! If you've got any enquiries call either of our magical shops; 

Peace, Love & Light 


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162 High Street
Deritend, Birmingham
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Tel: 0121 643 3933
Zen Moseley Shop
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