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February at Zen - The Energy of Love -

There is nothing more satisfying than the warm and weightless sensation of falling in love and we are equally aware of the crushing descent that far too often follows. So what is love? Is it a feeling? An emotion? A state of mind? A chemical? We wonder too...

What is Love?
The Ancient Greeks called it the 'Madness of the God's' and by all account, they are just about right, it's madness. Let's be honest with ourselves, what have you done for love? Dropped everything at a moments notice? Moved country to live with someone you love? Two week bender to mend a broken heart? The question stands...
In fact, there probably isn't anything in this world that hasn't been done in the name of love. And it's not all romance. The love to explore found lands that were considered myth, the love for space has seen us take galactic leaps through the stratosphere and the love to learn has given us knowledge beyond our wildest dreams. 
Love has us all curious. It's comp…

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