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Candle Magic, It's Not Just For Birthdays

"Hip Hip Hooray! Don't forget to make a wish!" Spoken by almost every single person that celebrates birthdays around the world. This tradition isn't some new fad that's been 'trending' for the last few years. In fact, candles on cakes have been around for thousands of years and the theory behind it goes back even further.
The Ancient Greeks were paying homage to their Goddess, Artemis, by placing candles on the cake which was thought to represent the Moon and it's reflection. Many civilisations believed the smoke would carry the blowers prayer up to the heavens to be answered and others believed the smoke would warn off evil spirits. In fact, most still do... in a way..

Next time you're attending a kids birthday party or a friends leaving do and someone turns off the lights and lights the candle flame, you can take great comfort in the knowledge that you're connecting with ancestors from long ago, in a very deep and ceremonial way. 
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