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Christmas at Zen & The Unknown Tale of the Mushroom

Ho ho ho! Come forth the sleigh bells, the fairy lights, warm festive gatherings & the birth of our lord and saviour.. The Mushroom?! Contrary to popular belief, there are actually many other ways that people interpret Christmas! Shock right? Not quite... There is a blanket word that was coined by Christians during the 4th Century that is used to describe people with beliefs and views of the spiritual realm that contradict those that are shared amongst the five most popular religions. That word is, 'Pagan'.

According to Christianity, the practice of a Pagan belief is called, Paganism and with over 4000 known religions in the world, it's likely, you are a 'Pagan'.

Pagans, were deemed outcasts, non-believers of the 'true lord' and were punished and often killed, named 'Devil worshippers', 'heathens' and many other names.. It was certainly tough for a Pagan..
"Accusing a Pagan of worshipping Satan is like accusing an Atheist they are w…

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