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Indigo - Not Just A Colour... Are you an Indigo Child?

Ever get the impression you don't belong? That's usually not the impression of an Indigo child. An Indigo child may not belong there at all but they are usually the first to know they don't. They are in tune, in fact, they KNOW exactly where they belong. They have a sense of purpose, a sense of understanding an arrogant yet elegant way of floating through life as if it were being made for them or by them.. Sound familiar?

Sometimes there is no true way of knowing if you're an Indigo child or not, it's a new term used to describe a very new generation as early as the 70's. Perhaps we are evolving into a species that harnesses more of our brain power, perhaps we are becoming increasingly connect and perhaps it's true to say, we are seeing a worldwide awakening..

Either way, it's fair to suggest that there are children (both young and old) that have an exceptional ability to engage their exceptional abilities. These are the Indigo children.

In times of reb…

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